Snow Blazers

Snow Blazers is an epic skiing game that takes inspiration from the iconic SkiFree title. In this game, you must try out your skiing skills and compete against other players to be crowned king of the slopes! Use your mouse to control the movement of your skier and avoid crashing into any obstacles such as trees and other skiers!

Follow the signs displayed on the slopes and try to pull off some awesome manoeuvres to outwit your opponents and take the lead. The competition is tough and the gameplay is intense! As you get used to the controls you will soon become a skiing pro and dominate your opponents!

Release Date

December 2016


Snow Blazers is programmed by Gil Costa.


  • Realistic 3D graphics and models
  • Fun and competitive multiplayer ski matches
  • Randomly generated track each time you play


  • Web browser



Move your mouse left and right to steer.
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