Bowman is an archery game where you and an opponent take shots at each other. You win when you’ve hit the opponent fatally. It can take a few arrows. Bowman can be played against the computer or via local multiplayer.

How to Play Bowman

To hit your opponent you must carefully consider the trajectory of your arrow. Adjust the firing angle and force applied to the projectile to find the sweet spot. You have unlimited arrows, but make sure you get them before they get you!


On the default mode, elimination takes two shots through the heart. You can adjust the vitality level in settings to buff or debuff the players. There are also a few other settings to make the game more (or less) difficult.

Game Modes

Bowman is single and multiplayer. In singleplayer mode you’re playing against the AI. In multiplayer, you can do archery battles with a friend or take shots at yourself.

If you need to fine-tune your aim, head over to practice mode and take shots at the target until you’re ready.

Similar Games

Archery is an effective way of taking down enemies at range. Whether you want to relive the golden age of arrow-shooting your foes or simple target practice, you can browse our archery games for more. The most popular archery games are:

Release Date

Bowman started seeing popularity in 2004.


Web browser.


Hold left mouse button to prepare shot. Move mouse to influence the power and angle of the shot. Release left mouse button to fire the arrow.

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