8.8 is an epic multiplayer io game with awesome fighting gameplay. In this game you must control a triangular spaceship and try to grow your fleet by destroying over spacecraft. Control your ship using the mouse and shoot using the left click (you can also put auto shoot on so you can concentrate on moving).

For each enemy ship you destroy, you gain an additional ship in your fleet. You can also shoot at the white AI ships that are floating around the map. Try to move quickly and keep dodging enemy fire in order to build up your fleet and destroy your enemies. This game is chaotic, fun, intense and challenging – jump into your spaceship today and try to build the biggest fleet!

Release Date previously released as mobile apps in March 2017, and from January 2018 can be played online.

Developer was developed by Clown Games.


  • Simple gameplay, shoot others to grow
  • Different skins to be used
  • You must avoid entering the outside area as it can kill you
  • You can trigger auto shoot and auto grow, which can be used as a part of your strategy


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



  • Left click to shoot
  • W or right click to manually grow
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