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Developed by  docski

REPULS is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game featuring various maps, weapons, and game modes. The pace and style of the game make it perfect for fans of the Halo series.

How to Play

Choose your game mode

There are four game modes to select on REPULS, head to the server list to pick an active game in a mode of your choice! The modes are capture the flag, team control point, team deathmatch, and free for all.

Be the ultimate supersoldier

You are a fully augmented supersoldier. Use various weapons to your advantage when the situation calls for it. Utilize your grappling hook to do tactical maneuvers around the map.

Join the REPULS community

Customize your supersoldier with personalized colors and weapon skins. Join or start your own clan. Check the leaderboards and see where you stand on the global battleground. With a personalized profile detailing your K/D stats, you’ll have a lot to prove.

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Release Date

February 2020


docski developed REPULS.


Web browser


  • [ W ][ A ][ S ][ D ] to move
  • [ Left click ] to shoot
  • [ Right click ] to use rifle's scope
  • [ Q ] to strike with your weapon
  • [ 1 ]to change weapon
  • [ 2 ] to throw grenades
  • [ R ] to reload
  • [ Space bar ] to jump