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Cooking Games - Become a superstar chef

Cooking is huge amounts of fun - we cook on a daily basis and make meals for our families and friends. Many people also bake and cook for fun and make treats and mouth watering desserts. Cooking games let you use your creativity and imagination in the kitchen. Some cooking games let you try out different recipes and food combinations.

Other cooking games let you manage your own business. The papas series of games for example let you manage different shops such as a bakery, and also try creating different foods such as pancakes and doughnuts. Get your apron on, get in the kitchen and start creating with our range of fantastic cooking titles!

When playing these fantastic restaurant games, users must make their customers happy. This could be by making delicious cakes, or working with a famous chef to make awesome wedding cakes. Make anything from a chocolate cake or hot dogs, to apple pie, and cream buns. There is nothing quite like working in a virtual cake shop or ice cream parlor - users let their creativity shine and show off their master chef skills.

We have a myriad of free cooking games and cooking games for girls. Instead of taking cooking classes in a big city, simply use our website and bake cakes on one of these superb titles. Different types of cooking games include cake decor, and time management games.

Examples of our popular cooking games include Top Burger, Sushi Battle, Papa Louie 2, and Cafe Panic. Top Burger is a superb WebGL game in which users try baking a delicious range of tasty burgers. Customers enter the restaurant and users must complete their order as quickly as possible. Sushi battle, on the other hand, is an epic cooking game with a Japanase Sushi theme. Compete against other players and try to complete sushi orders as quickly as possible - the action is fast-paced and fun.

Papa Loui 2 is part of a brilliant cooking game series. This series combines adventure, cooking and has over 5 different titles. In Papa Loui 2, users must use their cooking skills to progress through this fun fantasy world. Finally we have Cafe Panic. This superb title combines cooking together with cafe management. The aim is to become a successful barista. Manage the shop and deal with customer orders. Furthermore, always aim for customer satisfaction to improve ratings and gain more tips.

Each of these games represents just a small fraction of the cooking games we have available. Why not look at the different titles on offer and see what awesome creations you can cook today?

We collected 55 of the best free online cooking games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new cooking games such as Hazel and Mom's Recipes: Mini Pizzas and top cooking games such as Yummy Waffle Ice Cream, Cafe Panic, and Cooking Korean Lesson.
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