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Idle Streamer

Developed by  start games

Idle Streamer is a clicker game where you idle your way to becoming a world-famous streamer. Click to earn money, and improve your character, room, and equipment to boost your earnings!

Become a streaming legend

Sit back and watch your channel grow from nobody to an international streamer with 1,000s of live viewers and an active fanbase. Idle Streamer gives you a taste of the good life with minimal effort involved.

Live the streamer lifestyle

Idle Streamer features upgrades to increase your income. You can buy new equipment like a mouse, keyboard, and chair. Keep upgrading your gear to earn a greater percentage of your current income.

You can also improve your furniture, possessions, and personal traits like charisma, voice, and hair. All of these things contribute to your success.

As you continue to improve yourself and your surroundings, the viewers will pour into your channel to watch your livestreams, meaning more money for you! When you reach level 10 you can also interact with your fans, so keep going until you’ve hit the big time.

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  • Click to earn money and gain viewers
  • Upgrade your equipment, image, and surroundings to enhance your earnings
  • Earn a passive income stream while you do other things
  • Interact with your fans through chat


start games made Idle Streamer.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to collect money and buy upgrades.