Amorphous is a fun and challenging arcade game in which you must control a single character and attempt to kill the various blobs that try and attack you. This might sound easy but there are several different types of blob and each has a different attack that you must avoid and anticipate. You are equipped with a large sword and you can use this to eliminate the blobs.

You can play an endless game mode where you simply try and survive for as long as possible, alternatively, there is a challenge mode in which you complete a range of different challenges. Why not give this game a try and see how you fare against the amorphous blobs?

Release Date

July 2008


Amorphous+ is made by innocuousGames.


  • Simple character and blob models
  • Two game modes with 3 difficulty options
  • Plenty of music to play
  • Challenging gameplay


Web browser


  • Move your mouse to control the character
  • Left click to slash
  • Space bar to pause
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