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Tiger Simulator 3D

(192,560 votes)
April 2018
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)

Tiger Simulator 3D is a simulation game developed by CyberGoldFinch. Experience life as one of nature’s fiercest apex predators. Explore a beautiful habitat hunting for food, completing quests, and searching for your tiger soulmate.

How to Play

Start a tiger family

Find another tiger and start a family. Once you level up, you can also make up to 4 cute cubs! Your family can help you in combat and hunting. There is an opportunity to improve each family member. To do this, it is necessary to hunt and collect food, and then feed the children or your tiger companion.

Customize your tiger’s appearance

You can change the appearance of your tigers as you like. There are several skins to choose from. For fans of funny hats, there is the opportunity to wear a variety of different hats!

Upgrade your tiger family

Complete quests and hunt for food to earn points and upgrade your tiger family. You can tweak the individual characteristics of each member, improving their attack, energy, and life points. There are also special skills that allow you to increase speed, collect more food, get more resources for actions in the game, and more.

Explore nature and all its mysteries

While you roam through nature, you’ll see many different creatures. Some of them are peaceful, and some are very dangerous. Choose your battles carefully and make sure you have enough food to feed yourself and your family!

Seek quests to become a stronger tiger

There are various quests available around the map. Sometimes you will need to hunt animals, sometimes look for ancient artifacts, and sometimes have fun, launching fireworks.

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Tiger Simulator 3D was developed by CyberGoldfinch. You can also play other great animal simulator games from the same developer, like Fox Simulator and Wolf Simulator. You can follow the developer on Twitter.


Web browser. We also have the Android and iOS versions.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move the tiger
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to run


How do you run in Tiger Simulator 3D?

Hold the SHIFT key while moving forward to run.

Is Tiger Simulator 3D a realistic sim game?

Not really! But it is a lot of fun.

Gameplay Video

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