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Air Warfare

(19,707 votes)
October 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Air Warfare Game - the 3D air combat game. Air Warfare is a 3D air combat game, it simulates the air combat of modern jet fighters. If you love piloting an airplane, then you should also check Air Wars 2 and 3D Flight Simulator.

For any aspiring pilot, this air battle game provides immense fun. Firstly, the graphics are fully 3D - this allows players to move their planes in three dimensions and even do loops and barrel rolls. Secondly, the planes handle really well and give an authentic flying experience.

Thirdly, the fighting and dog fights are realistic and you must have great skill to compete in the action game and become an ace pilot. It is set during the World War and players can fly in historical planes from that era.

What features can you expect from Air Warfare?

  • Realistic air warfare simulation
  • Smooth flying controls
  • Intense dog fights
  • Brilliant graphics and sounds

This is certainly one of the best air simulation games available. Players can have hours of fun and enjoy the amazing air combat.

When fighting, remember to use all of the weapons at your disposal. Each plane is fitting with missiles, machine guns, and special missiles too. Cycle through the different weapons and take into consideration reloading times. The missiles have the longest reload time so use the machine guns in-between.

Release Date

October 2019


FreezeNova made this game.


  • Multiple weapons
  • Three missions
  • AI enemy airplanes


Web browser


  • W: acceleration
  • S: deceleration
  • A: roll left
  • D: roll right
  • I/up arrow: pitch down
  • K /down arrow: pitch up
  • J: yaw left
  • L: yaw right
  • Q: switch special missiles
  • E: switch targets
  • Shift: open fire
  • Space bar: launch missile
  • R: switch minimap
  • V: change view