Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions

Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions is the awesome action title of the brilliant Star Wars Rebels cartoon series! In this amazing title, you can control your favourite characters Ezra and Zeb from the animated series and work your way through a series of levels – during each level you must fight Stormtroopers and other Empire enemies and fight for freedom and for the rebellion!

Play in either survival mode in which you fight against waves of Imperial enemies, or work your way through the various campaign missions and retell aspects of the Rebels storyline. The gameplay is fun and exciting – will you choose to wield Ezra and his lightsabre? Or will you fight as Zeb with his electrostaff, or even control the lovable droid Chopper? As you progress you can upgrade your characters and kit them out with improve stats and abilities. For Star Wars fans this game is a true gem and one of the most exciting platform titles we have seen for a long time!

Release Date

December 2015


Disney made Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions.


  • Various characters from Star Wars Rebels to be used
  • You can upgrade the characters to make them stronger
  • Unique super and special moves of each character
  • Enjoyable storyline
  • Many pick-ups and destroyable objects
  • Your characters can dodge incoming attacks
  • Your gun can overheat, make sure not to overuse it
  • Survival mode


Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to shoot, hold for special move
  • X to use super attack
  • Shift to dodge attack
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