Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Faraway: Puzzle Escape is a fantastic 3D puzzle game in which you must explore a foreign landscape and solve the mystery of the explorers who came here before you. Each level presents an amazing 3D environment and a series of ancient ruins which you must search to find clues. You can check objects and break open pottery to find notes left from previous explorers. These notes help tell the tale of the ruins and the civilization that lived here.

Each level has a series of doors that you have to pass through and a final portal. To open these doors and progress you may have to pull levers, solve puzzles or interact with objects. Ensure you check everything and leave nothing unturned! Can you unlock the mystery of these ancient ruins and find all the notes?


This online version only has the first 6 levels, you can play on a mobile app to play the full level.



Left click to interact with object.
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