Zombie Society Dead Detective: Walls can Bleed

This game continues on from the Zombie Society Dead Detective Prequel and lets you play out another spooky episode. You are Margh who owns a Zombie detective agency and you and your partner Ghvnn have been assigned a new case - a gun store owner has a problem; a phantom is writing messages in blood on her walls! It is up to you to gather evidence and solve the mystery.

Interact with various objects and people throughout the game to find clues. You can search through the scenery and pickup different objects to keep in your inventory. Also, if you get stuck, you can talk to your partner Ghvnn who will give helpful hints. This game is a whole heap of fun - there is plenty of humor and the mystery is challenging to solve! Will you successfully solve the case and help the gun store owner?


Zombie Society Dead Detective: Walls can Bleed is developed by Interactales.


Detective control

Left click to interact.
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