Waitventure is an idle game to recruit monsters and fusion them to get stronger allies in your party. Train your player, level up, increase their stats, and learn new skills, by using your time currency. When you are ready for the adventure, enter the dungeon where your party will fight enemies in automated battles. Sometimes the enemies will join your team! If your allies are strong enough, you can fuse them to get monsters and humans from a higher tier, with different stats and abilities. The dungeon is divided into years, months and days, like a calendar. At the end of each day, there is a boss, that is stronger than regular enemies, but gives more EXP. Can you reach 31st December and beat the final boss?

Release Date

June 2022


Waitventure was developed by Kulivszk.


  • Web browser
  • Steam



While in Town

  • 1-5 = Navigate through the town menus
  • 6 = Level up all Party members
  • 7 = Heal all Party members
  • 8 = Enter the Dungeon
  • 9 = Repeat the last Dungeon Level
  • 0 = Reset Dungeon to Max Level

In Dungeon / Battles

  • E = Eject, going out of the dungeon and receiving some damage
  • R = Rewind, uses your stored time to heal your characters and level them down
  • T = Bullet Time, uses stored time to increase your characters' speed while lowering enemies' during battle
  • F = Fast Forward, uses stored time to run the game at around 10x speed for a limited amount of time

General Controls

  • A = Enables Auto-Play
  • S = Save the game now
  • Esc = Open Settings menu