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Travian: Legends

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January 2020
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Travian Legends is an award-winning MMO strategy game.

Travian Legends is a classical era MMO game in which you take a role as a ruler that needs to bring prosperity and glory to your tribe. You play against other people from around the world on dedicated game servers - each server last for a pre-determined time and has end-game events.

When a player starts this game, they are thrown into the deep end and must work hard to build their empire, forge alliances, and amass a deadly army to wage war with. As this game is translated into 40 languages, it is widely available and tailored to your interests.

Basic Travian: Legends gameplay

The basic premise is simple - gather resources, build your base, research new technologies, and raise an army to conquer new territories. The Travian company based in Munich have created a classic game that has all the elements from an MMO you would expect - it really is fantastic.

To gather resources, you build structures such as a farm, a clay pit, and iron mine, and a woodcutter. These generate resources over time which you then use to produce new buildings and upgrade existing ones. Moreover, you can build a barracks and stable to produce troops like swordsmen and Teutonic Knights.

Once you have established your first village, you can look at the world map and expand into surrounding territories. You can eventually settle new villages and take over NCP villages or points of interest that once captured, provide additional resources.

Building ally networks and to create an alliance is also a vital aspect of this game. You can join together with other players to team up, provide protection, and ultimately come together to try and build the wonder of the world - an immense tower that is constructed during the end-game of Travian: Legends.

Join a new server today and start your classical empire

New servers are starting for Travian on a regular basis - this is the best time to join a server as everyone is starting again with new accounts. Travian Games GMBH has developed a brilliant MMO that has stood the test of time and continues to evolve. Try and build your Travian kingdoms today!

Release Date

The game was initially released on June 2004 and constantly updated.


Travian Games made this game.

Game Worlds

For the past few years, every year in September, the developer created a new special game world to celebrate the game's anniversary. The list of the game worlds:

  • 2015: Scattered Empire
  • 2016: Rise of Alliances
  • 2017: Fire and Sand
  • 2018: Path to Pandora
  • 2019: Codex Victoria


Web browser


Use the left mouse button to play.