Titonic Fisherman

Titonic Fisherman is the quirky browser music sequencer game in which you can make cool music with a host of different instruments. Use keyboard controls to activate different instruments and create a unique sound.

It is up to you to string together sequences of different sounds from different instruments and create a cool unique song. If it all gets a bit confusing play the practice mode to familiarize yourself with the controls that activate each individual instrument then jump back into the game and create your perfect song. Have fun!

Release Date

April 2018


Titonic Fisherman is made by Froach Club. You can support the developer via itch.io.


  • More than 15 music instruments
  • Cartoon characters with funny expressions
  • Cool artworks
  • Simple controls
  • Practice and record mode


Titonic Fisherman is a web browser game.



  • Press QWERTYUIOPASDFGH to play an instrument
  • Use X to switch mode
  • Use Z to reset pattern
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