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Piano Games

Show off your skills with piano online games

If you want to learn piano then why not try out our online piano keyboard games? This may not be the real thing, but you can learn a host of different songs; both classical and contemporary. We have a great selection of real piano games to play where you test your skills on the white keys.

What can you expect from piano games online?

This type of game is similar to the old Guitar Hero games on video consoles - instead of using an instrument, you use your mouse, or touch screen to press the white and black keys of a keyboard or piano in time to different songs.

The computer keyboard is programmed to respond when you press the keyboard keys - if you get the notes right, at the right time, the song plays normally. If you get them wrong, you can hear the deviation in the song - the feedback is real.

Usually, you gain a score based on how many correct notes you hit, and how in-time you were to the music.

Check out these piano online masterpieces

We have listed below a couple of popular piano games that are brilliant for learning to play both classic songs like Fur Elise, and modern music:

Magic Piano Tiles is the super fun musical arcade game in which quick fingers and musical rhythm is a must! You need to press all of the tiles before they disappear off of the screen to make sure that the songs continue play beautifully with every note hit.

Multiplayer Piano is a piano simulator that you can play with other people or on your own. This simulator has a high degree of accuracy and contains a full set of standard piano keys.

Why not improve your musical talent today and try out these superb piano games?


What are the most popular Piano Games?

  1. Perfect Piano
  2. Virtual Online Piano
  3. Rhythm Capture
  4. Virtual Keyboard V. 2.0
  5. Multiplayer Piano
  6. Magic Piano Tiles

What are the best Piano Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Perfect Piano
  2. Virtual Online Piano
  3. Magic Piano Tiles

What are Piano Games?

Tickle the ivories with our piano game collection. Play classic tunes or create your own music as you hone your piano skills. Can you become a piano virtuoso?

Play the Best Online Piano Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Perfect Piano and Many More Right Now!
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