The Power of Love

The Power of Love – Can you utilize a set of weaponry and skills to destroy the castle?

Your beloved sweetheart is trapped inside the castle and held captive by the evil overlord – as a daring and inventive knight, you must use your strength, endurance, and skill to destroy the walls and rescue here… for the power of love! This interesting and fun game will test your mental skills and your will-power, and although it might seem a simple concept – to progress quickly, you must think carefully about how you spend the in-game currency!

Using your knight, you must attempt to destroy the castle walls as quickly as possible – to start with, you simply smash the castle with your guitar. As you progress and your coins build up, you can unlock different weapons to use that offer more damage. Furthermore, you can purchase speed and power upgrades that boost your characters stats. How will you spend your coins? Will you concentrate on the brute force? Or will you improve your speed to collect coins off the ground faster? Whatever you choose, this addictive browser game is sure to keep you occupied for hours. The second episode is now available!


  • Attempt to smash the castle and collect coins
  • Use a range of different weapons
  • Buy power-ups for speed, power and damage


This game is a flash game available on any popular browser that has the flash plug-in installed such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.


The Power of Love is developed by Denis Vasilev who has also created Brave Shorties 2.



  • Move your mouse to control the movement
  • Press left mouse button to attack

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