Stone Age Racing
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Stone Age Racing

Travel back in time to an age long forgotten, where mammoths run freely and humans are just developing – Stone Age racing presents a fun and finely created racing game with a twist. Take control of a prehistoric racing car and pit your driving skills against other online players or against the AI. This racing game features a host of different tracks including rocky deserts and Ice Mountains.

Stone age racing allows you to purchase different vehicles and upgrade their stats and abilities – each can has a different style and set of weapons. During the race you can collect pick-ups and boosts, use your weapons to destroy your opponents and even set off huge TNT blasts. This game provides endless amounts of fun and has great playability due to the progression and upgrades.

Car controls

  • W/Up Arrow to accelerate
  • A/D or Left/Right Arrows to tilt upwards and downwards
  • Space bar to use Nitro boost
  • 1,2 & 3 to use different weapons