QWOP is a fun but challenging ragdoll runner game - your name is QWOP and you are representing your country at the Olympics in a track and field running event! Your character is not very mobile however and it is up to you to control their every movement in order to help them run and complete the race!

You must control QWOP's leg movements and try to maintain a smooth motion. Furthermore, you must prevent your characters head from hitting the track otherwise your race is over! At first this game may seem impossible, but as you get used to the motion and movement you will soon learn how to control QWOP properly. Can you complete the challenge and guide QWOP to the finish line? If you enjoy this game, don't forget to try out Ragdoll Runners.

Release Date

November 12, 2008


Bennett Foddy developed QWOP. If you like it, make sure to also try his other game Get on Top.


  • Control every leg's movement properly
  • There is surprise waiting for you at 50m and 100m
  • Very difficult game to master, practice makes perfect


This game is a web browser game.



Use QWOP to move.
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