Paradox Soul

Paradox Soul is a fantastic and exciting explore game. The year is 1987 and you are in a research facility in the isolated country of Iceland. Within the lab, a host of monstrous creatures have escaped and are causing havoc in the facility. You must explore the facility and try to collect various resources to help you survive against the cold and of course the monsters.

As you progress, the storyline will develop and you will uncover the dark secrets behind the monsters. The controls are simple, the gameplay is fun and the storyline is immersive. If you enjoy this title, why not try Zombotron 2 which has similar mechanics.

Release Date

February 2018


Ritual Games developed Paradox Soul.


  • A cool 2D Metroidvania-style gameplay with shooting element
  • Nice combat mechanism, you can hide behind a cover and shoot while walking backward
  • The facility is huge, use the map to navigate around
  • Checkpoint in which let you spawn on it after killed


  • Web browser
  • Steam



  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Down arrow to prone
  • Up arrow to interact
  • X to jump
  • Z to shoot
  • C to slide
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