Mutant Fighting Arena

Mutant Fighting Arena is an intense game of monster combat. You must command a variety of deadly mutant creatures such as the Ussuri Tiger, the Bloodthirsty Lion, the Furious Panda and the Toucan-Mutant. Each creature has a different set of abilities, attacks and skills and you can unlock new characters as you progress. Each skill or attack can be upgraded using the coins you gain from winning battles.

The battles are turn based and you can choose different attacks or special abilities to use. Each ability costs mana - this mana generates automatically each turn. Some basic attacks only cost one mana, but other more powerful attacks and healing abilities can cost a lot more. When battling, use a combination of attacks, defensive skills and healing to destroy your enemy and keep your own mutant alive. Aside from fighting the AI, you can also play ranked matches against other online opponents. This game can also be played on a Smartphone or tablet. Enter the mutant fighting arena today and become a legendary trainer!


  • Turn based action
  • Mutant visual change when you upgrade their rank
  • Different play style to win a battle


  • Web browser
  • iOS
  • Android



Left click on the icon to use a skill. Hold down to see the skill details.
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