Striker Dummies
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Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies is a fun and exciting fighting game in which you control a wooden dummy. The aim is simple – you must try and destroy the other wooden dummy by hitting them with your giant hammer! The winner of this intense dual is the first one to reach 5 points.

You must try and use your hammer skilfully to try and smash your wooden opponent to pieces. Time your smashes carefully and try to avoid their crushing blows too. You can either play against a friend in a dual control setup, or you can simply fight against an AI opponent. Can you be crowned the striker dummy champion?

Release Date

December 2018


Vardan Aleksanyan made this game.


  • Wooden dummies fighting game
  • Single and two player modes
  • Easy controls
  • Wooden clanking sound


Web browser


  • Player 1 use WASD
  • Player 2 use arrow keys

Walkthrough Video


Striker Dummies
This is a fabulous ragdoll game that you can enjoy on directly in your browser, for free. Striker Dummies is powered by Unity WebGL to run in modern browsers. One of the many advantages about playing Striker Dummies here is that you can play it in full-screen mode. It has been created by Vardan Aleksanyan. Striker Dummies has received 681,002 plays and has been rated 9.0 / 10 with 7,143 votes. Did you like playing Striker Dummies? Then check out our other ragdoll games or Puppet Master and Mutilate a Doll 2.