Hobo is the first instalment of this fun fighting game. You take control of a hobo and must fight your way through the streets! Don't let anyone boss you around or mistreat you - if they try to then use your super strength to punch and kick them into oblivion! Your hobo has a range of different fighting moves so try to use them all to defeat your enemies.

As you progress you unlock new move combos - you can use the P button to view your combos. Be sure to pick up items on the floor such as bottles and rubbish bins to throw at your enemies. Can you complete the game and unlock every combo? Why not try it on each difficulty level too for a harder challenge!

Release Date

October 2008


  • Many kinds of combos to be unlocked
  • Different people that you can beat in the city
  • Three difficulty options


  • Web browser



Punch with A, pick up objects with A, kick with S, move with arrow keys, run by double-tapping left/right arrow key.

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