Magic Jumper Clew

Magic Jumper Clew is a simple but addictive arcade game in which you must guide the clew ball up the textbook by moving it left and right to avoid obstacles. The ball will rise automatically, and you must control its directions from left to right. There will be plenty of obstacles doodled onto the screen, avoid them to find a safe path for the clew ball to follow.

This is an endless game that requires you to keep moving the clew ball for side to side to continue its journey. The ball will move faster, and there will be more obstacles the further you get. Good luck!

Release Date

October 2018


Magic Jumper Clew is developed by Ana Maria Dumitriu.


  • A simple 2D arcade game to avoid obstacles and go as high as possible
  • Easy ball controls


Web browser


Press AD or left/right arrow to jump.
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