Lords of the Arena

Lords of the arena is an RPG game with elements of MOBA gameplay. Rebuild your kingdom and go to battle with a team of heroes to defeat hordes of monsters. Get stronger, level up, and become a legend.

Lords of the Arena


Get together a team of heroes, pick your best weapons, and go to battle. Fighting is how you level up on this game, it’s where you develop your skills and fine-tune your team of fighters!

Use spells, axes and other weapons to defeat hordes of monsters. Bring your best gear and potions to make your battles a triumphant victory. You can even fight against other players in PvP battles and become Lord of the Arena.


The more campaign missions and quests you play, the more rewards and XP you’ll earn, pushing you to higher levels and netting you new opportunities. Unlock new rewards like exciting spells and abilities you can use in battle to create more carnage.


To play in battles you’ll use multiple heroes from different classes. Each of these classes has unique abilities which you’ll use strategically to defeat enemies. Some will use physical weapons and strength, while others will heal and use magic to fight. Classes include Mage, Monk, Minotaur, Succubus and more.

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  • Build a team from a selection of over 30 heroes
  • Complete missions and quests to level up and earn rewards
  • Equip your heroes with the rarest and most powerful gear
  • Fight against other players in the PvP arena

Release Date

September 2018


This game is made by Star Island Games.


  • Web browser
  • Android



Press left mouse button to interact in the game.
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