Lineage 2 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. The game is set in a 3D world ravaged by war 150 years before Lineage. With a plethora of engaging gameplay features like siege warfare and raid bosses, Lineage 2 remains a popular MMO since its inception in 2003.

Lineage 2

Lineage 2 was initially released in South Korea in 2003. Since that time, it's become highly popular around the world and is still actively updated with new content.

There are two main sagas in the game's story: The Chaotic Chronicle and The Chaotic Throne. The game features significant updates every six months that add new chronicles to the story, building upon the game lore and introducing new skills, quests, items, and areas for players to explore.

Lineage 2 World

Lineage 2 is based in a war-torn world spanning two continents, where kingdoms are engaged in a fierce battle for power. Players form their allegiances when they choose their race and class, and will spawn in the corresponding territory. Choose your destiny and use your power to influence the history of the Lineage world!

Race and Class

There are seven races in Lineage 2, and within them an even greater array of classes. Each race has it's benefits and disadvantages. The races in Lineage are:


Humans are the most diverse race, with the most balanced stats and most extensive selection of available classes.


Elves are fluid, agile, and good with magic. They excel at beneficial magic, archery, and singing.

Dark Elf

Dark elves were banished from elven tribes and use black magic.


Orcs possess the greatest physical strength of all the races, making them the tanks of Lineage 2.


Dwarves excel at crafting, resource gathering, and heavy combat. They have great prowess and physical strength for taking on multiple enemies.


Kamael were designed to be the weapons of giants. They specialize in soul magic and are the only race that can later become Wizards.


Ertheia are talented mana users with a natural curiosity, dexterity, and freedom of spirit.

There are 38 classes in Lineage 2. Each race has two starting classes: fighter and mystic. Leveling up from the primary fighter and mystic class allows you to progress into new classes.

Lineage 2 Progression

Like many MMORPG games, there are plenty of features to keep players occupied for long periods. The class development of your character is a significant factor in the game progression and keeps many players motivated to reach the next level. As well as refining and improving your character, Lineage 2 players can join clans and engage in raids and PvP combat.

There are hundreds of items, some functional and others cosmetic. Superior armor, weapons, and consumables allow you to build your character from the ground up to become a powerful and influential figure. Dwarves can engage in crafting items too, which requires Dwarf ingredients and the recipes found in the book of Dwarf. Whatever class you play, there's a world of progression to become immersed in.

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  • Active game development for over ten years
  • 38 classes acquired through intense character leveling
  • Completely free-to-play gameplay model
  • Regularly updated with new content
  • Group PvP and raid bosses

Release Date

October 2003


NCSOFT actively develop Lineage 2. They are also working on the sequel to Lineage, Project TL.


Web browser



Mouse and keyboard