Jiggy Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzle is an awesome puzzle game in which you can spend your time completing different jigsaw puzzles. This online version of the classic game allows you to get all of the fun and satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle without having to tidy up after! You get to control the difficulty and the number of pieces that make up the puzzle.

A cool feature with this game is that you can upload your pictures online and complete puzzles with your personal touch. There are two different game modes that you can play, casual and arcade mode. Have fun!

Release Date

September 2018


JiggyPuzzle was made by Adnan Sehic.


  • Two game modes: casual and arcade
  • Seven piece options
  • You can upload your own image or use one from the internet


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Drag left mouse button to move a piece.
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