How to Raise a Dragon

How to Raise a Dragon is a game that literally allows you to raise a dragon as it hatches from it's egg and help it grow into a strong and ferocious mythical being. The game takes you through each stage of the dragon's development and you must unlock abilities such as breathing fire and flying.

You can mould the dragon into whatever you want - will you become a tyrant dragon that will destroy humanity, or will you become a friendly dragon who only seeks friendship and to do good? The game has various endings and you can keep trying our different scenarios to see what type f dragon you can raise.

Release Date

June 2009


How to Raise a Dragon was made by Gregory Weir.


  • A simulator game about being a dragon
  • You have the freedom to become a dragon you want to be
  • A special breath ability to learn
  • An explanation in every stage of development


Web browser



  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Z to jump, click twice to do a double jump
  • Z + down arrow to ascend
  • X to eat
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