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Guess Who?


Guess Who? brings the classic board game that everyone loves to the digital realm! Each player has a character and the opposing player must guess who they are. Choose from a variety of different questions and answer truthfully. Guess Who? can be played online or against the computer.

How to Play

Play online or solo

Select whether you want to play online or against the computer. If you play online, you'll be prompted to provide a nickname, and then you'll be able to play multiplayer. Your goal, in either case, is to guess who your opponent is before they guess who you are!

Ask smart questions

To narrow down the possible characters, the game gives you a selection of questions to choose from. If you ask a good question, it will reduce the number of faces on the board. Look at the faces available and try to select the question that will help you narrow the selection down most quickly to be a savvy detective!

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  • Play in online multiplayer or against the computer
  • There's a range of characters and questions
  • Classic board game, available to play for free in your web browser

Release Date

November 2018


Guess Who Multiplayer is made by Code This Lab.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press the left mouse button to interact.