Go-Tet is a real-time interactive multiplayer tile-matching game. Compete against the clock and other players. Use your spells and gain points and levels for completing your increasing square pattern. Go-Tet is a multiplayer game but is equally fun in single-player style because it has the old skool Tetris flavor.


You race against the clock to complete your increasing square pattern with tiles laying around the map. If you don't complete it in the given time, then the game is lost. The current time counter is proportional to the current square pattern size. The game is won by the first player who grabs all tiles from the map.

Release Date

July 2021


sliviu1985 developed this game.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Move (arrow keys)
  • Grab tiles (space bar)
  • Drop all your tiles (key M)
  • "Spin" counter-clockwise around the center (Key N). Spin is possible only if the position after the spin is valid (no collision of your tiles with other tiles).
  • "Magnet" (Key B): It will attract all your tiles to the center of the square and rearrange in a spiral starting from the center and avoiding occupied positions
  • "Shield" (Key V): It will activate an ice shield which will protect you from other players If two players with the shield activate intersect each other they are both frozen
  • "Fire" (Key F): It will activate a fire spell that will destroy any near tiles your square will run into, including tiles from enemy squares. "Fire" and "Shield" spells cancel each other once two squares with these spells activated meet

Mobile Controls

On mobile, tap, hold or move in the desired direction. Use the left wheel to glue or release tiles (the green and white buttons). Use the right wheel for other spells.

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