Gelda is a young girl who is seeking for adventure! In this story, Gelda is traveling through the wilderness – she is accompanied by her faithful companion Abi. Together, you must complete a range of challenges and try to defeat various monsters.

The gameplay is side-scrolling, and the animation is fantastic. Throughout the game, you can reach checkpoints so that your progress is saved. Can you complete the adventure and conquer all of the challenges?

Release Date

February 2019. This game was created from scratch for the 2019 TV Game Jam and inspired by Netflix's series, Hilda.


Gelda is made by Rambling Indie Games (Richard and Rachel Marks).


  • Side-scrolling adventure game
  • Beautiful art and animation
  • You are accompanied by Abi who can help on your journey
  • Checkpoint system to save progress


Web browser


Move left or right with the left/right arrow keys or A/D. Jump with the up arrow key or with the space bar. Press down while running to slide under obstacles.
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