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Flashpoint is a cool first-person multiplayer shooter title. In this game, you must choose your side and fight in competitive matches to dominate the battlefield. You can compete with and against other players from around the world and experience the polished multiplayer graphics.

The controls are simple and easy to grasp. Move around the maps quickly and try to look for cover so that you don't get shot. How many kills can you rack up? Can you help lead your team to victory? You can also enjoy a deathmatch mode in which all players are your enemies!

Release Date

December 2018 and has been updated with more features in August 2019.


Toy Soldier Studios developed this game.


  • 3D polished graphics with adjustable quality
  • Realistic animations and effects
  • A perks system to get special effects after getting certain killing spree
  • Several map options to play


Web browser


  • WASD: move
  • T/Y: chat
  • R: reload
  • Left-shift: sprint
  • Space: jump
  • F: flashlight
  • 1/2/3: switch weapons
  • 4: use UAV
  • P: open pause menu
  • Tab: see scoreboard