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Fer.al is a free-to-play MMO game where magnificent beasts from myth and legend have come together in a vast open world. Create your unique avatar, meet up with your feral friends in City Fera, and go exploring the mysterious land known as The Expanse. 

How to Play


Your avatar is who you are in the game world. In Feral, your avatar is based on creatures from myths and legends around the world. You can customize your avatar almost without limits to express your unique personality. Buy further upgrades at shops in the main city!

New avatars are released through season passes, for free, and in the shop. There are currently seven mythological beasts and beauties in the game, though not all are available for free.


City Fera is the central hub for players. You can meet up with other creatures here, browse the shops, and play minigames. The minigames involve strategic thinking and allow you to earn ingredients, items, and likes without trading or traveling.

Along with hubs for meeting up, there’s a collection of realms known as The Expanse. This is where most of the action happens in Fer.al.


Explore The Expanse to find quests, harvest materials, and loot chests! There are daily quests to help you level up too. 

As you progress through the game you’ll find Enigmas, small origami-shaped items that unlock new shop recipes when taken to the correct shop. You also have the opportunity to craft Eureka items, rare items that provide good XP. 

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  • Explore a vast online playground packed with myth and legend
  • Customize your avatar almost without limitations
  • Meet up with your feral friends in the city
  • Craft rare items and unlock new recipes

Release Date

February 2021


WildWorks made this game.


Web browser


You can play with your mouse and keyboard.