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March 2021
Browser (desktop-only)
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Farmerama is a social farming game developed by Bigpoint. You can play Farmerama in your web browser for free, escaping to a peaceful world beyond the city smog. Sign up and use your Farmerama login to start building your dream farm!

Play Farmerama

Build unbreakable kinship

Become the farmer you always wished you could. Tend to your animals, cultivate plentiful fields, and build unbreakable bonds with the locals. Invite your friends to join you and create a rural community that will make you pine for country living.

Tend to your crops and animals

Farmerama is a tranquil place, but don’t be fooled—farming is hard work. You’ll be up at the crack of dawn with the crowing roosters to finish your chores before the day even begins. Since Farmerama is an online browser game, you can enjoy milking your cows, collecting eggs, and feeding the pigs, without the back-breaking side-effects of manual labor.

Let your farm thrive and flourish

Farmerama is a farming simulator. As such, it’s much like the real thing! You’ve got to get your hands dirty and till the land before you can even think about planting seeds. You have to build the stables for your animals before buying them. Once your farm is producing the goods, you can sell your fresh produce on the market to earn money and expand your farming enterprise.

Explore the island of Bahamarama

Have you mastered the farming business? Go on a voyage to the island of Bahamarama and explore ancient lands full of intriguing rarities. Learn the secrets of this mysterious island while honing new skills and cultivating exotic plants. There are animals here you’ll never have seen before. Check out Bahamarama when you’re ready for a new challenge.

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  • Realistic farming sim that covers the cultivation journey
  • Social game with a strong sense of community
  • Produce various goods to sell on the market
  • Explore the mysterious lands of Bahamarama for an exotic surprise


Farmerama was made by BigPoint.


Web browser


Play with Mouse and Keyboard