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Family Nest: Family Relics


Family Nest: Family Relics is a 3D MMO farming game. Join Donald as he helps you get started with the necessary farm management skills, then enjoy building and running the farm. Make it pleasant and profitable, and you may prove to be a worthy successor!

Family Nest: Family Relics

Plant crops, tend to the chickens, and harvest your resources. Fulfill orders on the market to earn currency and keep your customers smiling! Eventually, your farm will become a highly prosperous venture.

Family Nest: Family Relics provides a satisfying farm-building experience with laid-back gameplay and rewarding progression. You can also chat online with other players and become neighbors with them!

Grow Your Farm

Complete quests to grow your farm and unlock new content. The higher your level, the more buildings, crops and other items become available! Many resources can be bought in the store too.

Not only do you plant crops and earn a living from basic farming, you unlock new structures like a mill, tea house, summer kitchen, and much more to expand your business into a thriving success story. Just keep leveling up and you'll be able to grow your farm!

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Release Date

March 2019 (Android). May 2020 (HTML5).


Social Infinite developed this game.


  • Web browser
  • Android


Left mouse button to interact with your surroundings.

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