Family Barn is a multiplayer farm management and building game created by FunPlus. Your friend Little Darryl will teach you how to master farm management from scratch, starting with the basics. Grow your farm into a thriving farm tycoon with happy and healthy animals, vibrant flowers, and abundant crops.

Family Barn Gameplay

Complete Quests

Little Darryl will give you tasks to complete as you progress through the game. On your first day, he'll teach you how to harvest clover, then how to feed and milk your new cows.

As you get further into it, the game will give you quests to help you earn money and expand your farm. As you level up, you'll unlock exciting new upgrades like beehives, orchards, and sheep fields to grow your farm beyond it's humble beginnings.

Produce Goods

Unlock various cute animals as you progress. Develop your agriculture into vast fields of corn, wheat, and other crops. When you have the right livestock and crops, there's a variety of production facilities you can build to produce milk, wine, juice, and other delicious products to sell! There's even upgrades to make harvesting much quicker when you have expanded your farm into a thriving business.

Along with a host of functional buildings, it's essential to keep the appearance of your farm beautiful. Plant trees and flowers to decorate your land and build a farming paradise you'll be proud of.

Games Like Family Barn

Farming games are hugely popular and fun to play for gamers who enjoy building, decorating and growing a farming business. Most farming games have a focus on creating an aesthetically pleasant farm while expanding the capabilities of your farm as you level up. In many of these games, you can interact and trade with other players. Some popular online farming games include Big Farm, Big Farm New Harvest, and Blocky Farm.

Release Date

May 2014


FunPlus made Family Barn.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Use left mouse button to play the game.
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