Echogenesis is a cool and relaxing interactive game in which you can interact with various natural objects on your browser screen. There are five different environments to interact with, each of which has a different theme - pay attention to the mouse icon as this denotes what actions you can do with each object. Some objects you can click, other you can drag, and others will move if you hover over them.

Each environment features soothing music and some cool creatures and landscapes to interact with. Will you jump underwater or walk through the hidden cave? Or will you watch the birds hovering along the marshlands? This game is pure relaxation - there are no goals or objectives, just you and your mouse! Kick it back a notch and try our Echogenesis today!

Release Date

September 9, 2008


Echogenesis was developed by Bell Brothers.


  • Five different environments and music
  • Many animals and objects to interact with
  • Fun experience with nature


  • Web browser


Use left mouse button to interact.
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