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DEUL is a quick-draw shooting game with ragdoll physics. Playing against one other opponent, you have to shoot them before they shoot you. As you progress, you level up and your opponent gets quicker. If you get shot, it’s back to the start. This dueling game requires fast reflexes.

About DEUL

DEUL is a 1v1 shooting game with ragdoll physics. It’s a simple click-to-shoot game that tests your reactions. You can shoot your opponent repeatedly to see their body fly around in hilarious fashion.

Game Modes

In DEUL, there are two game modes; duel and shoot the bottle.


Battle your way to the top in 1v1 gun duels. As your character levels up, you can purchase new bullet types and cosmetic items with the coins you earn. If you slip up and get shot first, you have to start back at the beginning, but you’ll keep your level and items.

Shoot the Bottle

Not quite your typical bottle shooting game. In this mode, glass bottles are hurled at you with varying speed. Shoot each bottle to get coins, the game ends when you get hit in the face with a bottle.


Think fast, shoot first. When your opponent is down, keep shooting them to release more coins and experience the spectacle that is ragdoll physics. Look out for extra coin-making opportunities too, some levels may have a flying dove or container that can be shot for extra coins.

Similar Games

Want to experience more ragdoll craziness? See the Ragdoll section. If you’re looking for a more kid-friendly version of DEUL, check out DEUL Kids for a version without the blood and dismembering.

Release Date

September 2015 (Android). December 2019 (HTML5).


Greenlight Games made DEUL.


  • Web browser
  • Android


Left mouse button to shoot.


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