Color Crash

Color Crash is an epic arcade game that takes inspiration from games such as Supergun and Color Switch. In this title, you are driving a colored car. The aim is simple - you must only collide with the same color obstacles as your car. If your car is red, for example, you can only hit red objects.

If you hit anything else, then you have to restart the level! Look out for the awesome power-up too that equips your vehicle with a deadly cannon to blast objects apart! Can you complete every level and master the Color Crash?

Release Date

May 2019


This game is made by KasSanity Inc.


  • Level-style challenge
  • A power-up that allows you to equip a cannon that shoots automatically
  • Fun gameplay
  • Fullscreen available


Web browser


You are driving forward automatically. Press left or right arrow to steer.
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