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Caged Forest


Caged Forest is a unique first person shooter game in which you can play either survival or team death match modes. The setting of this game is an immense dark and sinister forest – you have crash landed in your helicopter and you must use your weapons and skill to survive. The forest is dark and foreboding and the atmosphere is tense. This really is a great setting for a first person shooter title!

The controls follow the classic FPS model using the WASD keys and you can use a variety of different weapons to defeat your enemies. You start with a machine gun, but as you kill your enemies, they sometimes drop weapons and upgrades – collect these items to improve your arsenal and to boost your combat ability. If you are running low on health, consider retreating from the battle to let it regenerate. Once you reach a certain score, you can upgrade your character to boost their stats. Remember to conserve your ammo and search for bodies for extra clips! How long can you survive in the forest? Can you escape with your life?


Caged Forest is developed by Ioannis Mavropoulos and can be played here on CrazyGames.com


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to zoom
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to sprint