Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3

Test your reflexes in Bubble Game 3. Bubble Game 3 is a retro bubble shooter game that has all the classic traits of games such as Bejewelled and other match-three titles. The aim of this game is simple - you must pop the bubbles by combining 3 of the same with your bubble shooter.

Watch out for your bubble counter and also the timer - if you do not make successful pops then the wall of bubbles will eventually move down! You can also change the board color of this fantastic game and play a myriad of different levels. How do your match-three skills rub up?

Bubble Shooter 3 game tactics

This game is tricky but fun and you can use strategy to gain a high score. When playing bubble game 3 always keep track of both sides of the level - don’t concentrate on one side only. The other side could drop down and you could be in trouble.

Keep chipping away at both sides to keep the advancement of bubble pop pieces level. In addition to this, remember that if you match three bubbles and there are connected bubbles below, those bubbles will disappear too. Use this to your advantage and try to break off huge chunks of bubbles in one shot.

As far as fun bubble shooter games go, this one is a blast!

Release Date

April 2017


Bubble Game 3 is developed by OrangeGames.


  • A popular Bubble Shooter game
  • Changeable board color: you can mix red, green, and blue proportionally
  • Clean interface that resembles the classic game
  • Fun to play and suitable for all ages


This game is a web browser game.


Press left mouse button to shoot the bubble.