Bubble Charms 2

Bubble Charms 2

Bubble Charms 2 is a fun bubble shooter game that has similarities to the original and iconic Puzzle Bobble. In this game, you must shoot various colored bubbles into a wall of pre-existing bubbles to match colors and make them pop! On the left-hand side, you have a preview bar that shows what the next color bubble is to appear so take note and try and stay one step ahead.

In this edition of Bubble Charms, you are accompanied by a cute and adorable pet! This pet has a special power that you can use to help your progression and get rid of the bubbles quicker. Each new level has a series of tasks you must complete and you must also try and get as high a score as possible!

Release Date

May 2017


  • Fun bubble shooter game with a pet that can give you a special bubble
  • Pet's ability needs to be charged by bursting the thunder bubble
  • Unlock more pets as you progress throughout the game
  • Complete a different challenge in each level


Bubble Charms 2 is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Left click to shoot a bubble.