Brewing Potions


Brewing Potions is a unique game of alchemy! Take control of a wizard and help him create a variety of fantastic potions. The controls are simple and the graphics are reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy series. You are presented with a series of scrolls and ingredients. By reading the scrolls, you will learn what ingredients are required to make the different potions.

Once you have selected the ingredients, place them in your cauldron and mix them together. Not every potion will be successful and you must use trial and error with the right mixture of ingredients. If your potion turns black, it has spoiled! How many potions will you complete? Will you be able to master the tricky Troll Gash potion?

How to make potions

  • Read the scrolls and find the appropriate ingredients
  • Slice, crush, or bake each ingredient
  • Put the ingredients into the cauldron pot and pick the mixture with the correct flask
  • Bring the flask to the enhancement table and press the corresponding enhancement buttons)


After starting the game, move the scrolls by dragging left mouse button.


This game is developed by War Pugs Studio for CEET Vesco Coutinho's Game Jam.


Wizard controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • H to interact
  • HJKL to enhance a potion in the table