Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates is a naval MMO RTS game. Set in the seas of lawless piracy, you’ll be controlling an island fortress, customizing deadly ships, and proving your might in explosive online battles. Join the multiplayer action in real-time, for free, in your web browser.

Build Your Base

Your starting point in Battle Pirates is the Island Fortress. You’ll build and expand this while creating a fleet of warships to attack other pirates in real-time. Your fortress will need to be impenetrable if you’re to survive these shady seas!

Battle Other Pirates

This is a land of pirates, so don’t expect much civility. Take to the seas with your ships and attack others to loot the precious cargo of your competitors. There’s a range of vessels to utilize from speedy gunboats to colossal war machines. Build your strategy and take to the treacherous waters with your most potent fleet of pirate ships.

Mindless piracy is fun, but for those who want something bigger, you can join alliances with players from around the world. There are monthly events too, which net exclusive limited-edition prizes for the winners.

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  • Build your own futuristic pirate fortress
  • Engage in RTS PvP and PvE battles
  • Complete campaigns and online events for exclusive prizes
  • Form alliances with players from around the world

Release Date

February 2013


KIXEYE developed Battle Pirates.


Web browser



Use your mouse and keyboard.
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