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Arachnophilia is a fun spider simulation game. If you love our small 8-legged critters then you are sure to enjoy this simulation game! In this title, you must take control of your very own spider and attempt to spin webs to capture your prey and stay alive and well-fed for as long as possible.

Your life force decreases continually and you must keep eating fresh food to replenish it. Spin webs to capture flies and juicy insects – ensure that your webs are strong enough otherwise the insects and bugs will simply break them and escape. How long can you survive for? Do you have what it takes to spin a web and catch your prey? If you enjoy this game, why not try another fantastic spider simulation – 8 legs to Love.

Release Date

August 2008


Arachnophilia was developed by DigYourOwnGrave Games.


  • Control a spider that needs to stay alive by eating preys that are trapped on your webs
  • You are free to design your own web
  • Many preys with different strength
  • Art mode to try different web strategy


This game is a web browser game.


  • Left click to move the spider
  • Drag left mouse button to spin the web