11x11 Bloxx

11x11 Bloxx is a fantastic game for puzzle fanatics. This game has similarities to the iconic Tetris game but instead of the pieces falling to the bottom, you simply have to try and keep the 11x11 grid clear and remove as many full lines of blocks as possible. Drag the different shapes into position and try to complete full rows - as you complete a row, it will disappear and you gain points.

You must use a variety of different shapes and try to fit them as quickly as possible. If you get stuck or run out of moves, you can purchase different items such as a shape swap to help you out. Can you complete every level and obtain a high score? Try out 11x11 Bloxx today and test your brain!

Release Date

December 2017


  • Actions to be bought
  • You can unlock new levels based on the trophies earned
  • Unlockable sets of blocks


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Drag left mouse button on a piece to move it.
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