Speed Note Reading Tutor

Speed Note Reading Tutor is a fun educational game that helps you improve your musical note reading skills. If you are serious about making music or into compositions this game will help you fine tune your skills. There are 10 different levels to play and each level will test your note reading skill.

During each level you must attempt to identify a series of notes - look at the musical staves and click the corresponding note that you think it is. If you are correct then you will here a pleasant plink, however if you are wrong then an error chime will sound. Can you complete every level and master your music reading?

Release Date

January 2004


Mark Wessels Publications developed Speed Note Reading Tutor.


  • A fun game to correctly identifying music notes
  • 10 levels with 10 rounds each
  • 3 speed levels


This game is a web browser game.


Use left mouse button to choose a block.
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