9.3 is the enormous tank .io game in which you will join the fight with your team mates against the other team. The objective is to capture area of the maps before the other team to win the battle ahead of your enemies. As you complete match objectives you will earn xp which can be used to buy awesome upgrades for your tank.

All of your successes on the battlefield will give you the opportunity to increase your status and therefore increase your survival rate. If you enjoy the madness of war and this game then you should also try out Have fun!

Release Date

November 2017


This is a beta version. You can hold the N button to get free experience points.


  • A massive multiplayer tank battle game
  • 4 teams on the map
  • Capturable areas
  • Upgradeable tank to increase performance and add new cannons
  • Mini-map

Platform is a web browser game.



  • Use left mouse button to shoot
  • Use number keys to buy an upgrade
  • Use keyboard keys to evolve the tank
  • WASD to move
  • N to level up
  • M + stats key to maximize stats
  • E to autofire
  • C to autospin
  • T to upgrade tree
  • R to disable automatic weapon
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