Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 - Epic tank battles. Tank Trouble 2 is a simple game, but the gameplay is highly addictive and entertaining. You can play against up to three other players and must fight for supremacy in the maze arena! You control a tank and must move around the maze to try and destroy your enemies.

The cannon shells you fire ricochet off of the maze walls so be careful and watch out for stray bullets! You can hit your tank with your bullets so be careful! Can you conquer Tank Trouble 2 and reign as the champion tank driver?

How to play one of the top tank games

The gameplay is easy to pick up. Players have to use the keyboard arrows to control the movement of their tank. The different directional arrows move the tank.

To fire the tank’s main weapon, players have to use the space bar. Alternatively, in 2-player games, the second player uses the WASD keys and the Q key to fire shells.

The arrow keys are responsive and players have to tap them lightly to make the tank move. Furthermore, players can hold the space key or Q key to fire continuously, or single-tap to fire as and when needed.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of this game is simple - to destroy the enemy tanks whilst surviving any damage taken. Depending on the size of the matches, players must simply be the last tank standing in the maze. Being the highest-scoring player is also a winning factor.

Players gain points for the damage they inflict on their enemies - more points are awarded if they manage to completely destroy an enemy tank.

Fight epic tank battles today in Tank Trouble 2

This amazing multiplayer game has dedicated servers and the developers have produced a superb title. If you want simple gameplay, with fun and exciting tank battles, Tank Trouble 2 is an awesome choice. This game may not provide progression, but it is a great way to kick back and unwind, especially with friends in 2-player battles.

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Release Date

May 2015


Subterranean Software developed Tank Trouble.


  • A cool tank battle game that is inspired by Tank Trouble
  • 4 player tank battle game
  • Customizable tank's color
  • Power-ups to pick-up


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use the keyboard to control the tank.

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