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Music Games

Feel the heart of the beat in any of these music games! Learn piano, match rhythms, or even control an opera performed exclusively by blobs. Browse the full collection for a variety of free music games.

Get Creative With Music

Music games teach and inspire, but they're also a lot of fun. So, whether you're looking to improve your knowledge of music theory, develop a sharper rhythm, or want to compose music without having technical music skills, there's a music game to help you achieve musical nirvana in this collection of free music games.

Popular Rhythm Games

Get into the groove in Friday Night Funkin', a popular web game where you follow rhythmic cues in a freestyle music battle. Rhythm games are the most popular type of music game to play in your web browser.

Another top-tier rhythm game is Chainsaw Dance, another musical title similar to FNF, but based on the manga series Chainsaw Man.

More recently, the incredible Guitar Band: Rock Battle has hit CrazyGames. This awesome game features music from legendary artists like Kiss and The Offspring. Head there to rock out!

Play Piano

You can play music games online with other players in real time. Multiplayer Piano is an interactive piano simulator with online multiplayer. What happens when you unleash the internet on those keys? Try it to find out.

If you want to get serious about playing piano, Virtual Online Piano is a virtual keyboard that shows you various chord structures. Perfect Piano is another interactive choice that is simple to play. Check out our piano games for more.

Compose Your Music

You don't need to be a music mastermind to make music. Want to compose opera? Try Blob Opera. That might change your mind. The game was built as a machine learning experiment and uses animated blobs to sing... well, whatever you want! And you can record it, perfect.


What are the most popular Music Games?

  1. Perfect Piano
  2. Blob Opera
  3. Gpop.io (Game Pop)
  4. Lofi Room
  5. Heartreasure 2: Underground
  6. Virtual Online Piano
  7. Looper
  8. Heartreasure
  9. Catch Tiles: Piano Game
  10. Guitar Band: Rock Battle

What are the best Music Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Perfect Piano
  2. Rhythm Knight
  3. I Best Dancer!
  4. Blob Opera
  5. Looper

What are some underrated Music Games?

  1. Friday Night Funkin'

What are Music Games?

Music games feature instruments and all things musical, from melodies and harmonies to rhythmic beats. Some music games prompt you to hit notes with the beat, others teach you how to play music, and the rest are just plain fun!

Play the Best Online Music Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Perfect Piano and Many More Right Now!
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